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Detailing Your Own Car: The Right Way to Do It

Detailing Your Own Car: The Right Way to Do It

How to Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

There is a right way to detail your own car, and many wrong ways to do it. If you’re fed up with streaky windshields and side panels that still look dirty after washing them, you need to change up your detailing routine. Follow these simple steps for a beautiful shine every time.

Use the Two-Bucket Method

Many people make the mistake of using just one bucket of soapy water to wash their car. However, if you dunk a dirty wash mitt into the same bucket, you’re simply reintroducing dirt and grime back onto the car’s surface. Instead, do it like a pro and use the two-bucket method. One bucket is for soapy water; the other is for rinse water. After scrubbing your car and getting the wash mitt dirty, wring out the mitt on the ground and then dunk it in the dirty rinse bucket. Scrub both sides against a grit guard in the dirty bucket to remove the grime. Then, dunk the mitt back into the clean, soapy water bucket for another round of scrubbing.

Know Which Part to Clean First

Every car enthusiast should know the proper order for detailing a car’s exterior. Always clean the wheels first, and rinse them off before moving on. This is because if you wash the wheels last, rinsing them will allow dirty water to spray onto the rest of the car. After cleaning the wheels, grab a fresh wash mitt for the rest of the car.

Following the wheels, it’s generally best to clean from the top down. The top of the car is usually the least dirty, so your second wash mitt won’t quickly become soiled. Clean from the top down to the belt line of your vehicle. Then, wash the side sills and, lastly, the back.

Ditch the Standard Window Cleaner

Standard window cleaners work great for mirrors but not so well for auto glass. This is because they typically contain ammonia, which will streak on a windshield and damage the tint. Instead, use a specialized windshield cleaner with a detail towel

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