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Graphene Ceramic Coating - 5 Year

Graphene Ceramic Coating - 5 Year

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APEX Graphene Ceramic Coating is an innovative 5 year (10H) protective coating with self cleaning properties. This nano coating will protect the surfaces it is applied to from weathering, chemicals, UV rays, and even light physical abrasion. Reduced graphene oxide ceramic coatings are essentially a layer of liquid glass that hardens and bonds to your paint. With proper preparation work, the newly protected surface will become extremely hydrophobic (repels water). It will also repel dirt, grime, and other contaminants with its self cleaning capability as water beads up and rolls off the hyper slick surface taking dirt and contaminants with it. 


The innovation of graphene coatings leave you with the most reflective, deep, and mirror-like shine available on the market. 

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-Graphene Ceramic Coatings allow for a much higher resin loading level compared to normal ceramic coatings.
-It is less prone to water spotting.
-3-4 microns thick (able to fill and bond to substrates on a molecular level)
-Increased hydrophobic properties. (Water slides off at angles of less than 10-15°. Previously it was only 20°+).
-Average water bead contact angles of 110-115° on any surface applied meaning that water rolls off easier allowing for better self cleaning properties and less chances of water spotting.
-The addition of graphene into our coating allows for a higher stain resistance of saps, bugs, droppings, and fallout.
-Increased mar/scratch resistance as the reduced graphene oxide adds tensile strength that boosts the hardness of the coating (10H hardness).


-There is a longer window for application once it has been laid onto a panel - the sweating signals to wipe off (if it hazes then its been too long).
-Don’t apply in direct sunlight or onto a hot surface. Pick a temperature controlled environment.
-Maintain quarterly with APEX Spray and Seal to achieve peak performance.


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