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How APEX Auto Products Got Started


APEX Auto Products was created in early 2020 while working on a project car during COVID-19. The nation was in quarantine and we were extremely thankful to have an old school 1979 308 Ferrari GTS in the shop that we were able to focus our time and energy on to keep us sane during those long days/nights. From the car running on 5 cylinders, having super rough paint, old shocks, hoses, etc. we knew we had some fun work to do.

We've always had a love for detailing and restoring cars. While working on our project cars, we found the want (almost more of a need) for products that were high strength and easy to use while also being safe for the vehicle and yourself. As this want became more prevalent while businesses were closing and we got further into restoring the Ferrari, we decided to look into doing it ourselves. In the remaining time during COVID, we worked with a chemist and started to brainstorm this idea we had. We worked in our spare time to formulate industry grade chemicals that worked how WE wanted them to. It all started with our Car Shampoo. We wanted something that you could use in the Texas heat that wouldn't streak up in the blazing hot sun. This has always been an inconveniencing problem for us when maintaining our fleet of vehicles in Texas. We originally looked into developing a pH neutral car shampoo with wax, but eventually found that if you removed any wax/silica in the product it wouldn't heat up and streak on the paint. This really excited us and we wanted more. After this discovery, we knew that we wanted our product to last a while so we worked on product concentration/dilution ratios. No more 2.5 ounces to a 5 gallon buckets of water. We made a simple 1 ounce to 5 gallon super concentrate. One 16 oz bottle could last up to 16 washes! Developing a product like this lit a spark and we begun working on different professional level detailing products.

Developing our Car Shampoo was followed by our Quick Detailer (which can also be used in direct Texas heat with no streaking), then All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser (which can be diluted up to 50% with water for degreasing nasty engines like our old Ferrari), Interior & Leather Cleaner (a strong concentrated product that can be diluted up to 33% with water for those 41+ years old Italian leather seats), a water based Rubber & Trim Conditioner (RTC), Spray and Seal (a polymer sprayable paint sealant that's so full of ingredients you can see the polymers in the bottle), etc.

All of our products tend to be pretty straightforward and fulfill a specific need to the highest degree. We quickly found that many of the people in the car community we were in loved how the products worked. Our products are strong and full of active ingredients, and people began to notice. This led to us beta product testing with some high end automotive detailers. We watched and learned how the professionals used products and began tweaking ours to make it better for them too. Our Pristine Polish is a prime example (it takes 1000 grit sanding scratches to a final finish, all in one step with low dusting). After tweaking our products, we decided to produce them for the public. We are proud to down-fill our bottles and label them in our warehouse in the Texas Hill Country.

Since then, we have been sourcing different tools, towels, and equipment to make our business a one stop shop for auto detailing.

To our local clients, we offer 1-55 gallons of our products and also a refill program. Contact us for details.

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