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How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

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Your car is more than an investment; it’s a reflection of your style and taste. You’ll want your investment to reflect well upon you, so it’s important to keep your car well-maintained and cleaned. How often you should wash your car depends on what type of car it is (e.g., classic, garage queen, work vehicle, or every day) and other factors, such as how often you drive it.

How Often to Wash an Everyday Car

An everyday car probably won’t need quite as much attention as a classic or luxury car. That said, it’s still an investment, and it needs regular cleaning in order to last as long as possible. Regular washings will help keep the rust at bay and protect the paint, for example. The general rule is that everyday cars should be washed about every two weeks.

However, there are exceptions. You may need to wash your car sooner than its regularly scheduled cleaning if you happen to park it under trees that shed sap all over it. You’ll also want to clean it when dead bugs and bird excrement find their way onto the finish. Additionally, while car washing is often thought of as a summertime activity, winter is when car washing is more important. If salt from the road is allowed to stay on your car, particularly on the undercarriage, it will quickly rust the metal. Elsewhere on the car, salt quickly eats away at the paint and then gets to work corroding the metal.

How Often to Wash a Luxury Car

After investing in a luxury car, you want it to continue to look like you just drove it off the dealer’s lot. The general rule of washing your car every two weeks still applies to luxury cars. However, you might want to consider stepping up the frequency and washing it every week, particularly in the winter or if you’ve been driving it along dusty or salty roads.

How Often to Wash a Classic Car

There is no “one size fits all” answer regarding how often you should wash a classic car. Some classic cars are kept in garages or in storage facilities for much of the time and are taken out only for occasional pleasure cruises or car shows. If this describes your classic car, then you’ll want to wash it after driving it around and before taking it to a car show. If you drive your classic car frequently, consider washing it once per week.

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