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Should I Detail My Car in the Winter?

Should I Detail My Car in the Winter?

Top Reasons for Winter Detailing

Summer is often thought of as the peak season for car detailing. After all, it can be tough to find the willpower to stand outside in the cold spraying down and soaping up your car. Yet, taking good care of your car is far more important during the winter. Take a look at the top reasons for investing in car detailing products this winter.

To Guard Against Salt Damage

By far, the number one reason why you should definitely detail your car in the winter is to protect it from damage from salt. The salt on the roads—not to mention the inevitable slush and mud—will inflict considerable damage on your car’s exterior if you allow it to remain there. You’ll be more likely to see rust begin to develop.

To Protect Your Floors and Seat Upholstery

Even if you’re in the habit of knocking your boots together before entering your car to remove some of the snow and slush buildup, you’re inevitably going to track in moisture, salt, and grime each time you drive. You’re also likely to get snow and salt on your coat from brushing against your car. The salt and snow will then get on your seat upholstery when you sit down. 

The fabrics of your seat upholstery and floors will degrade more quickly when repeatedly exposed to moisture and salt. This will negatively affect your car’s appearance and value, and your own comfort level. The preservation of your floors and upholstery is just one more compelling reason to detail your car in the winter.

To Improve Visibility

Remember that car detailing isn’t all about the exterior panels and upholstery. A thorough detailing job will also include windshield cleaning with a product like APEX Glass Cleaner. Cleaning your glass regularly during the winter months is crucial for safety reasons.

At APEX Auto Products, we know that your car is more than just a vehicle that gets you from Point A to Point B. It’s a reflection of your personality and your unique style. You put a lot of work into caring for your car, so treat it to the best car cleaning supplies available. Shop APEX Auto Products for the car detailing products you need this winter!

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