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Top 5 Summer Auto Detailing Tips

Top 5 Summer Auto Detailing Tips

Detail Your Ride Like a Pro This Summer

Your car is a work of art. It only makes sense to use trade-grade car detailing products to keep it looking its best this summer. Explore the top five summer auto detailing tips below, such as how to avoid water spotting and how to reduce acid etching on your paint.

1. Work during the cooler hours.

It’s more pleasant to detail your car during the cooler hours of an otherwise hot summer day. However, your personal comfort isn’t the only reason to choose your detailing schedule wisely. If you detail your car when it’s quite hot, you’ll get more water spotting. Water spots create an undesirable look, and if allowed to remain on the car, they can even inflict permanent damage on the paint.

Instead, plan to wash your car during the early morning or evening hours. Pull your car into the shade, as well. Lastly, after rinsing off all traces of car shampoo, remember to dry your car using a microfiber towel

2. Work panel by panel.

Deliberately choose the area where you will start washing. It’s tempting to pick the dirtiest part of the car to start with. Unfortunately, this will only dirty your wash mitt quickly, and allow dirt and grime to spread to other parts of your car. This increases the risk of swirl marks and scratches. Instead, choose the least dirty panel (typically the top), and clean panel by panel until you’ve reached the dirtiest part. It’s best to use a foam cannon to apply your car shampoo, which loosens the grime and adds lubrication to the surface. This reduces swirling.

There is one exception to the “Start with the least dirty panel” rule. It’s often best to start with your wheels first. Rinse them thoroughly before moving onto the rest of your car. If you save the wheels for last, rinsing the wheels will cause the dirty water to spray onto the rest of your car. After cleaning the wheels, switch to a clean wash mitt for the rest of the car and remember to keep your wash buckets separate.

3. Watch out for bugs.

Summertime bugs aren’t pleasant for people or cars. If dead bugs are allowed to rest on your car, they’ll begin to acid etch the paint. Every one to two weeks, use a bug scrubbing pad and soap. Alternatively, you can easily spot clean between washes with APEX Waterless Wash.

4. Protect your paint.

Your car’s clear coat can easily become damaged by summertime hazards. These range from the stronger UV rays during the summer to bird droppings to corrosion to surface contaminants. We recommend applying APEX Armor Sealant. It’s a highly durable, resin-based coating that protects against these threats while giving your car a pleasing gloss and a hydrophobic finish.

 5. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Sunscreen is important for both humans and cars. Every few weeks, apply a UV protectant on all exterior trim and rubber to prevent deterioration due to sun exposure. Otherwise, your rubber trim will become brittle, and the black plastics will take on a chalky look. We recommend APEX RTC (Rubber & Trim Conditioner) to restore vibrancy while protecting from future damage.

You can order all of the car cleaning supplies you’ll need this summer from APEX Auto Products, including foam cannons. Our friendly staff looks forward to answering your questions as you shop!

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