Tip of the Week #1: Microfiber Towel Care

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Detailing Specialist Tip #2:

How to Properly Care for Microfiber Towels to Ensure Longevity.

Upkeep for microfiber towels shouldn't be overlooked if you want to ensure they continue to absorb water wash after wash.

Many people simply throw their dirty microfibers into the wash with a Tide Pod and dry on medium heat in the dryer right after. Now while this may be a perfectly good solution for dirty bath towels, it is not good for anything microfiber.
You see, when fabric softeners, dryer sheets, or scent beads get into your towels, they begin to clog those tiny fibers that are so good at absorbing water. Once they are clogged, the towels will absorb very little water. 
In addition, when microfiber towels are put into the dryer on any sort of heat setting besides low, the fibers can begin to melt. Sometimes this is hard to see, but you will easily be able to tell when you go to dry your vehicle the next time. Sometimes a good check is to toss your towel into a bucket of water. If it floats, it is near the end of its life.
Our tip this week:
  • Use Original Liquid Tide, or use a Free and Gentle liquid detergent. Something with no additives when washing.
    • Avoid bleach.
  • Wash on "Warm" as a maximum heat setting
  • Hang dry if you can
  • If you want/need to use a dryer
    • Do not use a dryer sheet (clogs the fibers)
    • Dry on low/no heat (delicate cycle)
    • Wash microfiber towels on their own.
      • Adding in other towels or clothes can result in linting.

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