Tip of the Week #3: Save Time by Using a Drying Aid (Spray & Seal)

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Detailing Specialist Tip #3:

A Way to Save Time and Effort Detailing Your Vehicle - Use a Drying Aid .

Drying aids are a game-changer in car care as they are designed to streamline the drying process and save you time. When you apply a drying aid during the drying stage of the wash process, it helps remove water spots and adds gloss/protection at the same time. No need to dry the whole car then go back and apply protection as it's own step in the wash process.
We'll let you in on a little secret... Apex Spray and Seal serves as an excellent example of a drying aid. It creates a super slick surface that makes it easier for your towel to glide over and pick up any remaining water, speeding up the drying process and removing water spots.
Additionally, protective drying aids like Apex Spray and Seal add a layer of protection (up to 3 months) and shine, enhancing your car’s appearance and safeguarding the paint. It's great on paint, glass, plastics, and wheels.
In summary, using a drying aid like Apex Spray and Seal not only speeds up the drying process but also enhances the overall quality of your car maintenance routine. With the dual benefits of faster drying and added protection, drying aids are an essential tool for achieving a spotless, well-protected vehicle with minimal effort. Make the smart choice for your car care regimen and experience the efficiency and superior results of incorporating a drying aid.
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