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Spray And Seal - Watermelon

Spray And Seal - Watermelon

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APEX'S #1 Best Seller Spray And Seal - Watermelon

APEX Spray And Seal - Watermelon is an exterior sealant in a spray-on and wipe-off form. It is infused with polymers and silica, which achieve amazing hydrophobic properties, slickness, and shine! This polymer-based technology gives bare vehicles a fresh and durable layer of protection. It can be used on all surfaces, including glass! Simply spray on and buff off with a microfiber towel to gain stand-alone protection for up to 3 months!

Protects from UV rays, oxidation, surface contaminants, and more!

If your vehicle is already coated, this product will easily boost the hydrophobic properties of your previous paint coating while increasing overall protection levels!

Watch water roll off treated surfaces without the leg work of applying traditional cream/paste-based coatings (especially helpful on glass on a rainy day!)

  • Risk Free Guarantee
  • Use on a clean or lightly dusty vehicle only. This product is not intended as a waterless wash or quick detailing wipe-down.
  • Can be used on paint, plastic, rubber trim, and glass.
  • It leaves only active ingredients behind after drying with a simple spray-on and wipe-off.
  • Awesome watermelon fragrance!
  • Made in America.
  • Detailer Approved.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Slip and slide

This stuff is fantastic. I took a chance on this stuff after seeing something on TikTok, I thought how much could it be for $20. I cannot get over how well this stuff works! It’s my go-to after I wash my car. The instant beading is insane!! I’ll be ordering more soon :)

The Best

Easy to spray on and wipe down. Lasts for a good amount of time and water and anything else repels better than anything else I have tried!

Shaun M.
Excellent product

I love the Spray and seal - Watermelon. I use it on my wife truck every weekend. The watermelon smell lasts for weeks. Best stuff i have used.

Jason Grohman
Excellent product

A buddy of mine showed me this and told me to try it out. I used his on the truck today and I am thoroughly impressed. I typically use Adam’s polishes or chemical guys but I am going to order some from Apex. Keep up the good work.

Greg Maust
Great for a drying aid

I used this today for the first time and it works great for a drying air smells like cherry and works really well no smearing and extremely slick very nice product.

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-Can be used on paint, plastic, rubber trim, and glass.
-Gives incredible shine and a frictionless surface
-Hybrid polymer and silica technology
-3 months of protection
-Great as a topper or standalone protection
-Hydrophobic effects
-Leaves only active ingredients behind after drying with a simple spray on and wipe off.
-Awesome watermelon fragrance!


-Can be used as a drying aid while washing
-Use product in the shade.
-Use on a clean vehicle only as this product is not intended as a waterless wash or quick detailing wipe down.


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