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10 Things Every Detailer Should Do Over the Winter

A Detailer’s Winter Checklist

10 Things Every Detailer Should Do Over the Winter

You might spend hours carefully waxing and buffing every square inch of your car during the summer, but it also needs lots of attention during the winter. Check out these top 10 things every detailer needs to do ahead of and during the winter.

1. Wax your car.

Car wax doesn’t work well when the temperatures drop, so give your car a good wax during the fall. Remember to use a circular motion to apply the wax, and a microfiber towel to buff and remove it. 

2. Coat your windshield.

Apply a windshield water repellent before the winter hits. Not only does this help your windshield stay cleaner, but it also improves visibility. During the winter, visibility is easily compromised by fog, sleet, and road spray, so applying a windshield water repellent is not something to skimp on.

3. Clean out your garage.

It’s ideal to keep your car in a garage over the winter. If you’ve allowed your garage to become too cluttered to park in there, you should take some time during the fall to clear it out. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy riding around in a snow-and ice-free car.

4. Replace your wipers.

As mentioned above, visibility can be reduced during the winter due to issues like road grit and salt being thrown up onto your windshield by the car ahead of you. It’s essential to make sure your windshield wipers will get the job done right. If yours are a little worn out, replace them before the snow flies.

5. Wax your wheels.

Before the temperatures sink too low, apply wax to your wheels. Be sure to use a product designated specifically for your wheels.

6. Wash every two weeks.

During the winter, give your car a thorough wash every two weeks. Rinse it thoroughly to remove the salt and grit.

7. Remove salt frequently.

If the road crews in your area have been particularly aggressive with the rock salt or brine, you may want to hose down your undercarriage every few days to remove the salt.

8. Use a Spray and Seal product.

Although traditional car wax won’t work effectively in cold weather, you can use an APEX Spray and Seal product to give your car some extra protection.

9. Vacuum regularly.

Vacuum your floor mats and upholstery each time you wash your car, or even more frequently if you notice rock salt getting ground into the floor.

10. Check your tire pressure frequently.

Don’t forget that winter weather will affect your tire pressure. Prevent uneven wear to your tires by keeping the tire pressure at the recommended level.

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