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All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate - Lavender

All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate - Lavender

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Discover the power of All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser - Lavender! Your ultimate solution for tackling tough dirt, grease, and grime across various automotive surfaces.

This includes engine bays, tires, wheel wells, exhaust tips, suspension components. No challenge is too great for our super-concentrated cleaning solution.

Our Lavender-scented formula is infused with performance enhancers that penetrate and lift stubborn contaminants. The result? A surface that is fresh and squeaky clean with reduced effort.

We crafted our APC with strength in mind. Our concentrated formula is recommended for degreasing the grimiest of components and for preparing surfaces for the application of tire shines and trim dressings.
This product is not for interior surfaces.

All Purpose Cleaner Dilution:

First, dilute with water by up to 75% if working with delicate surfaces,. This offers flexibility and efficiency without compromising on performance.

Our phosphate-free formula is gentle yet effective. It is safe for use on plastics and rubber surfaces. This makes it a must have chemical if you apply dressings and tire shines.

Trusted by detailers nationwide, our All Purpose cleaner is proudly made in the United States of America.

Precautions and Tips:

Finally, minimize contamination of dirt by pairing with a towel like the Nitty Gritty while cleaning non-paint surfaces. Doing this ensures contaminants stay out of your plush towels reserved for paint, reducing swirl marks.

  • Handle with care: All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser - Lavender is concentrated. Dilute up to 75% with water for delicate surfaces.
  • Optimal conditions: Avoid use in direct sunlight and only apply to cool surfaces.
  • Prevent drying: Never let the product dry on any surface. Rinse thoroughly with water or wipe down with a saturated microfiber towel immediately.
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Risk Free Guarantee

Can be diluted down with water.

Phosphate free.

Safe on plastics and rubber.

Cleans foam applicators and polishing pads.

Lavender scent.


This is a concentrated product and must be handled accordingly. It can be diluted up to 75% with water

Avoid using in direct sunlight if possible.
Use only on cool surfaces.

Do not let the product dry on any surface!
Always rinse thoroughly with a good stream of water and or wipe down the surface with a microfiber towel saturated with water. Dry surface immediately.

Try using All Purpose Cleaner with a towel like the Nitty Gritty while cleaning the non-paint surfaces of your car. Doing this keeps the potential contaminants out of your plush towels that are used on your paint.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Greg Maust

Great products smells good for a apc and works well with getting dirt and grim.

Brian Romero
Perfect for matte

Really wanted a good matte cleaner and I have tried chemical guys matte cleaner and it just didn’t satisfy me like this one did made the matte pop out way more