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Interior & Leather Cleaner - Dye/Fragrance Free

Interior & Leather Cleaner - Dye/Fragrance Free

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Introducing APEX Interior and Leather Cleaner, a powerhouse solution designed to easily eliminate dirt, oil, grease, and grime from your vehicle's interior surfaces. Our dye-free formula ensures that your light-colored leather and interior fabrics stay pristine, unstained by colored dye.

Trust in our risk-free guarantee as you explore the versatility of our strong interior cleaner. Ideal for use on carpet, upholstery, interior rubber, vinyl, plastic interior surfaces, and smooth leather. It's a one stop shop solution for all your interior cleaning needs.

Our phosphate-free formula aligns with our commitment to providing effective yet environmentally friendly products. To maximize results, pair  this cleaner with our Apex Detailing Brush Set – the perfect combination for achieving the deepest clean.

Made in America and approved by detailers, APEX Interior and Leather Cleaner reflects our dedication to quality and performance. For an added visual cue during cleaning, try using a white or light colored towel. This allows you to spot any dirt or color transfer instantly.

Interior and Leather Cleaner Directions:

  1. First, conduct a colorfastness test in an inconspicuous area before cleaning upholstery or leather.
  2. Next, mist the product on a white microfiber towel and apply to a small, hidden section to check for color transfer.
  3. If color transfers, dilute the product with water by 50% and retest. If any adverse effects on color, finish, or texture occur, discontinue use.
  4. Finally, wipe away with a clean and dry towel.

With APEX Interior and Leather Cleaner, achieve a spotless and refreshed interior without compromising on quality or appearance.

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For use on carpet, upholstery, rubber, vinyl, plastic interior surfaces and smooth leather.

Phosphate free.

Can be diluted up to 50%

Use with an Apex Detailing Brush Set for optimal results


NOTE: Always test Apex Interior and Leather Cleaner for color fastness in an inconspicuous place before cleaning any interior upholstery or leather. Mist the product on a microfiber towel and apply to a small inconspicuous area of the leather or upholstery to check for color transfer. If color transfers to the towel, dilute the product with water by 50%. Test again. If color, finish or texture of the surface is affected, do not use.


In the off chance you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please take a look at our risk free return policy

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jason Peterson
A Simple and Clean Cleaner

I've wanted a APC that could handle the cleaning while being easy on the leather and I have finally found it. This cleaner handles all types of surfaces from leather to plastic to vinyl. Perfect for keeping the inside of any vehicle clean. Thanks Apex!

Interior and leather cleaner

Great product works amazingly would buy again!

Tyler R
Worked Wonders...

I used the Apex Interior and Leather Cleaner on the inside of my truck. I have an older Ford, and the cleaner was able to completely remove the dirt and grime from my center console that had been building up from years of use. It looks brands new!

Frances Hall
Blue dye removal

This product easily removed the dye left from my blue jeans. The seats looked brand new!