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Bug Scrubbing Pad

Bug Scrubbing Pad

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Bug Scrubbing Pad

We can all agree that dead bugs that are baked onto car paint are the WORST.

Scrubbing them off is always a pain and having to use a multitude of products to remove them becomes costly. Enter the Bug Scrubbing Pad. Effectively remove bugs that are hardened on simply with the soap and water in your wash bucket. Let the short, tight-knit, microfiber side of the pad do the work. Or flip it over for a more aggressive, yet nonabrasive approach. 

Great for removing bugs from windshields on a long road trip, just use our Quick Detailer with it!

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Be sure to never rub the paint without using a lubricating agent (Soapy water, Quick Detailer, Waterless Wash).


Use with the soapy solution in your wash bucket.
Clean the pad after each use for longevity.

Going on a road trip? Use with Waterless Wash for an on-the-go clean!


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