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Ultra Soft & Twisted Loop (6 Pack Combo)

Ultra Soft & Twisted Loop (6 Pack Combo)

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Ultra Soft & Twisted Loop (6 Pack Combo)

The Ultra Soft & Twisted Loop (6 Pack Combo) includes six of our top selling 70% polyester/30% polyamide microfiber towels.

You will receive:
One of each color APEX Ultra Soft (red, orange, grey, blue)
One of each color Twisted Detail Towel (orange, blue)

The APEX Ultra Soft Detail Towel is our top-of-the-line detailing towel. The towel is a super plush, 500 GSM, edgeless, 16-inch by 16-inch towel. The APEX Ultra Soft Detail Towel is our best option for minimizing any type of scratching or swirl marks during regular Quick Detailer and Waterless Wash situations. It is amazing for a final buff on your paint to get a streak and lint-free shine. In addition to quickly wiping your car down, it can even be used to remove waxes, sealants, and compounds.

The 550 GSM Twisted Detail Towel brings all of the advantages of a huge twisted loop drying towel into a smaller, 16-inch by 16-inch package. This towel can be used on any finish and is extremely effective in a variety of fields. It is a perfect partner to Glass Cleaner and even Quick Detailer. It has a super soft microfiber suede edge that prevents any type of scratching and has no tags. The towel is completely lint-free and is nonabrasive!

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Both towels are 16"x16"
Lint free
Non abrasive
500 and 550 GSM


Check out our Caring for Microfibers tab under the "Learn" section to find out how to increase the longevity of the towels.


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