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Wave Tire Applicator Large

Wave Tire Applicator Large

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APEX Wave Tire Applicator Large

Foam applicators are useful products when trying to apply conditioners, tire shine, creams, waxes, sealants, etc. Our grade A foam applicators are the perfect solution for any of the tasks above. They work great with the wet waxes and they work amazingly with pastes too!

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The APEX Wave Tire applicator is our tool of choice when working with tire shines such as APEX Tire Shine and APEX Acrylic Tire Protectant. The hexagonal, ergonomic grip allows for easy application. We choose this Applicator for the purposes above because of the wave design that gets every groove around the lettering of the tires. This larger size Applicator is typically used for tires that are bigger than average such as trucks or Jeeps. 

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