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Wheel Barrel Brush Set (3 Pieces)

Wheel Barrel Brush Set (3 Pieces)

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Wheel Barrel Brush Set (3 Pieces)

We get it. Cleaning your wheel barrels is time consuming and nobody likes to do it, but it needs to be done. So why not make it as easy as possible and potentially even fun?

Our Wheel Barrel Brush Set is a 3 piece set that has different sizes and lengths to effectively and safely clean any type of wheel. They are made of ultra-fine silk fibers and have a rubber grip for improved handling as well as a rubber tip to remove the chance of scratching. The largest of the three brushes is shapeable, meaning you can bend it to reach those hard to get spots!

Add to your detailing setup today!

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3 piece set

Chemical resistant material

Brushes can be bent and manipulated to reach those hard to clean places


Rinse out brushes thoroughly after use to extend longevity!


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