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6 Summer Car Cleaning & Detailing Mistakes to Avoid

6 Summer Car Cleaning & Detailing Mistakes to Avoid

Hints From the Pros to Keep Your Car Clean

Choosing the right car detailing products can significantly affect your car’s appearance and your paint job’s durability. Yet, there’s a right and wrong way to use them. Be sure to avoid the following mistakes the next time your ride needs a wash.

Mistake: Using Spray and Seal in Direct Sunlight

APEX Spray and Seal is a reliable product for protecting your car’s surfaces, but it shouldn’t be used in direct sunlight or on hot paint. Instead, apply the product to your car when it’s cool to the touch. This way, you can avoid streaking.

Mistake: Cleaning Glass in the Sun

It’s always more difficult to get glass thoroughly cleaned and sparkling when you work on it under a hot sun. The heat will accelerate the drying process of the product, resulting in streaking. Instead, clean your glass on a cooler day, preferably in the shade.

Mistake: Allowing Wheel Cleaner to Dry on the Wheel

Allowing a wheel cleaner product to dry on the wheel can result in staining. Instead, rinse the product off thoroughly and then dry the wheel. Always work on just one wheel at a time. To make the job easier, use APEX Wheel Cleaner. Spray on a generous amount, and then watch it turn purple as it attacks the grime and brake dust. When it turns purple, agitate with the wash mitt, then rinse thoroughly and dry.

Mistake: Using a One-Bucket Wash Method

Do you wash your car with one bucket of soapy water, dunking your wash mitt back into the same bucket each time? The problem with this is that you’re reintroducing dirt back onto the car’s surface after each dunk. Instead, use the two-bucket method: one bucket of soapy water and one bucket of clean water with a grit guard at the bottom for rinsing. Always scrub the dirty wash mitt on the grit guard to get the mitt thoroughly clean before dipping it back in the soapy bucket for another scrub. If your car is particularly dirty, you may need to dump out and refill your rinse bucket periodically.

Mistake: Forgetting to Prep Plastic Trim and Tires

Getting ready to clean your tires and plastic trim? Don’t forget to prep these areas first! Simply apply APEX All Purpose Cleaner, scrub with a detailing brush, rinse, and wipe down with a microfiber towel. Then, apply APEX Rubber & Trim Conditioner to restore these delicate areas and protect them from the sun. Lastly, spritz APEX Tire Shine onto a microfiber or foam applicator, and wipe down to get an incredible, long-lasting gloss on your tires.

Mistake: Washing Towels Incorrectly

Washing your microfiber towels correctly will ensure longevity and optimal performance.  Always wash them by themselves in warm water using an additive-free liquid detergent. Avoid using fabric softener or bleach. Dry them on low to no heat or allow them to air dry. Never use dryer sheets. Learn how to properly wash microfiber towels here. 

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