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What Products Do Auto Detailers Use?

What Products Do Auto Detailers Use?

Use the Car Care Products the Pros Use

You take a lot of pride in the appearance of your ride. It wouldn’t do to use just any car detailing products. Some car cleaning supplies can actually damage your paint job and interior surfaces. Instead, shop where the pros shop—at APEX Auto Products.

Exterior Cleaners

Unfortunately, some car shampoos available on the market can actually damage your paint job and cover up and clog its protective ceramic coating. This happens when the car shampoo isn’t pH neutral. To guard against this, professional auto detailers only use pH-neutral car shampoo to remove dirt and grime while keeping the protective coatings and paint intact. Consider using a foam cannon, and definitely use a microfiber wash sponge.

Other exterior cleaners you’ll need are products specifically designed to clean your wheels. Acidic wheel cleaners are effective at removing brake dust and grime but shouldn’t be used on bare metal. Non-acidic cleaners can be used on bare metal and are safe for all types of wheels. They’re also highly effective at breaking down grime and brake dust.

Interior Cleaners

Complete car detailing doesn’t stop at the exterior. You’ll also want products designed specifically to care for your car’s interior. Look for an all-purpose interior cleaner that’s safe to use on leather, carpet, vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces. Apply it with a detailing brush set for best results.


Even after carefully cleaning the exterior and interior, you aren’t quite done yet. You’ll want to protect your car like a pro would, inside and out. Regarding protective coatings, you have three main options. You can apply APEX Wet Wax with a foam applicator to enhance the color and give it a traditional carnauba look and feel. If you prefer the more durable polymer and resin protection of a sealant, you can use that every six months instead. Or, consider using the APEX Graphene Ceramic Coating. This provides the ultimate protection, lasting up to five years. In addition, you’ll also want to apply Leather Care to the interior to protect the leather and vinyl.

At APEX Auto Products, we’ve developed a reputation for formulating world-class car detailing products of exceptional quality and effectiveness. When you shop for car cleaning supplies at APEX Auto Products, you can rest assured you’re using the same products that many professionals rely on every day. Try our car care products today and be sure to sign up for our rewards program, which allows you to easily earn points and turn them into rewards!

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